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Wyoming ranchers are reminded that the annual sign up for the 2018 Pasture, Rangeland and Forage (PRF) program ends November 15th. The improved PRF is the first federal crop insurance program allowing ranchers to manage their risks during short-term drought. PRF is designed to address reduced cash flow when precipitation falls below average. Ranchers pay premiums, but unlike most types of insurance, they are discounted by at least 50 percent. In 2017, its 10th year in Wyoming, PRF insured 695,817 acres (graph 1). Nationwide, ranchers increased the amount insured by 20 million acres insuring 70 million acres in 2017 (graph 2).

Costs to insure rangeland vary, depending on factors such as premium rates, coverage level, and the productivity in your area. For 2017, the average cost of PRF in was $1.20 per acre. Since 2008, the first year PRF was offered in Wyoming, producers have paid $13,021,129 in premiums and received $29,588,472 million in indemnities (graph 3). Nationwide producers have paid $678 million in premium and received $1.25 billion in indemnities during short-term drought (graph 4).

To learn how PRF would have performed on your ranch call Livestock And Dairy Insurance Solutions at 866-374-0864 or email brandon@usdainsurance.com. Because PRF is based on historical precipitation data, we can provide a quick ranch- specific analysis including an estimate demonstrating how PRF would have performed for your ranch. This analysis will tell you whether PRF would have provided you the assistance needed during historical droughts. Livestock And Dairy Insurance Solutions will also explain the advantages and limitations of the PRF program so that fully understand how PRF works.

Livestock And Dairy Insurance Solutions is an insurance agency operated by Brandon Willis, former administrator of the Risk Management Agency – the agency that oversees the federal crop insurance program. Livestock And Dairy Insurance Solutions specializes in federal crop insurance options for ranchers.